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Created an entire sticker collection that has been sent over 286,000+ times.

Accumulated 51,000+ total downloads.

Used 250+ times daily.

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A sticker is like an emoji used to express emotions and words in chat apps.

This set of stickers is designed to be used between young couples or close friends.


Each sticker can fit into a specific chatting situation.

The goal is to make conversations more fun and interactive.


Ci is a side project I did after my graduation. Back then there was a competition asking designers to submit Wechat stickers for lovers to use while they are chatting.

I always like to doodle daily life and it is a good opportunity that you can share your personal life moments, cute situations and various emotions with so many people around the world. I used AfterEffects to do the entire sticker collection and once it is approved and launched, I got really excited. Till now, it is still getting hundreds of sending time daily.

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Feeling the red envelop is coming!

Feeling the red envelop is coming!

Thank you for your donation and good luck!

Thank you for your donation and good luck!

Full Design Collection

Don't say anything. Just kiss me!
let me flirt with you a bit
Feeling bored. Talk to me.
Don't leave me!
Beautiful person needs to send selfies!
I will act cute now!
Am I cute?
Come! Eat grapes!
Let me rest a bit!
Don't be afraid! You have me!
Am I pretty?
You are so beautiful!
Let me kiss you!
Don't want to talk right now.
Want to hug you~
You are so cool!

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