I love graphics from a very young age and have always been looking for opportunities to improve my visual design skills and sense of color.

Here are some motion graphics, icons, animations, branding, photography and drawings I’ve made. Some are volunteer work. Some are just for fun and practice.

Animated Self Icon Design
New Self Icon Design
Volunteer Work - South Bay Night Market Food Street
Volunteer Work - South Bay Night Market Main Street
Chinese Style Portrait Drawing -  杜丽娘
Cinema 4d - Animation Exercise
Cinema 4d - 3d Modeling Animation Exercise
AfterEffects - Animation Exercise
Cinema 4d - Graphic Exercise - Lonely Dancer
Illustrator - Graphic Exercise - Cat House
Photoshop - Graphic Exercise - Sprited Away
Photoshop - Graphic Exercise - Disaster Scene
Illustrator - Graphic Exercise - Strawberry Smoothie
Photoshop & Wacom - Graphic Exercise - Monkey King
Photography & Photoshop - Gustav Tree
Photography & Photoshop - Human Expression

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