Data itself does not say anything. Sometimes, data is also hard to read. I like to do data visualization becasue I can help people to better comprehense data while I am utilizing data to support my points. It is one of the most significant skills I got through my training as an Engineering student and a design project presenter.

Below are some of my favourite works which summarize my data visualization skills, some of which are also embedded in my other works such as Mealer or siEAT.

Grasshopper - Structural Analysis 1
Grasshopper - Structural Analysis 2
Grasshopper - Old & new contrast
Grasshopper - Design Process
Analysis of city sea level arise
Illustration of design process
Grasshopper - Diagram of water usage
Grasshopper - Case study of Four Seasons Hotel
Program Layout
Diagram of water level change
Rhino - Base structure analysis
Diagram of site analysis 1
Diagram of site analysis 2
Philadelphia Site Analysis 1
Philadelphia Site Analysis 2
Philadelphia Site Analysis 3
Philadelphia Site Analysis 4

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