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Mealer is a multi-platform food ordering app which helps the students to order food from food carts around campus area.

I designed and created this app, which originally started from a class project in uPenn. The idea is to make the time-consuming experience online so students can wisely use their time. With the information shared efficiently through mobile, students could also bring food for friends nearby. Mealer mainly focuses on data-visualization and rescources sharing.

Research Workflow

Research Workflow

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping


George's Food Truck
Menu of George's Food Truck
Photos of the food
Site View
Bento Box Menu
Food Truck Working Hours
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Chi Zhang
Upenn Student

I have studio on Wednesday afternoon from 2 to about 5:30 and I have class from 6:00 to 9:00. I don't have time to go out for dinner but I always want hot Chinese cuisine at that time. I don't want to eat CVS Pizza everytime. I would really appreciate if someone could deliver some meal from my favourite Chinese food truck Kim's for me.
We have the fastest service on campus. There are never more than 5 people in line because no one waits more than 5 minutes. The menu is ordinary but offers pretty much everything you would want from a Chinese food truck. We provide cheap price because our customers are students. But we run a succussful business by selling as many as meals we can everyday!
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Jun Kim
Staff at Kim's Oriental Food Cart

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Joey Giampietro
Upenn Student

I like to work at school during the afternoon. Sometimes, the weather gets too cold or becomes rainy or snowy and I don't want to go out for food. I may get hungry after working a long time. I don't like the school food and I would really appreciate it if the food cart provides delivery service during bad weather conditions.

Truck Owner's Workflow Summary

Truck Owner's Workflow Summary

App User Case Workflow

App User Case Workflow

UX Flow

UX Wireframe


allow users to fast navigate nearby food carts according to their own needs

fast navigation to nearby food carts

quickly get the infomation about waiting time, walking distance and customer reviews

find hours, distance & reviews

let the menu be online available for users to navigate and allow user to make orders online

order online

 allow user to bid for someone living nearby to pick up his/her meal or allow user to pick up meal for someone nearby to earn

bid on a delivery fee to have other customers deliver your order to you

Final Design

nearby pickups available for you
review of the user
distance of between you and the picker
time remaining
browse and filtter food trucks, view the cart's quik info
review the food cart's info, view online menu and order
ipad app ui - browsing food cart
desktop app ui design - food cart dashboard
desktop app ui design - online order

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