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CityAct starts from a school project at uPenn. It is a mobile app aimed to encourage city visitors or residents to attend public events.

Basically, it allows users to find companions and meet new friends through events they are already going to.

import data from calendar/ allow user to manually set up weekly routine and generate events in his/her spare time

set up a personal schedule

recomend transportation method for the user and illustrate people nearby using the same transportation to the same events; allow user to find companion

find companions and transportation

choose in the range of time and place provided by the companion and create the event schedule with the provided information

confirm meeting details

The Challenge

Research Workflow

Connect city visitors & encourage activities

City visitors have problems

These problems would be solved by creating a

informational application and SNS system based on city activities.

The effects would be seen by

comparing the before and after data on visit frequency and relationships established with locals.

Design Process

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Brainstorming Summary


infomation received through digital media and physical contacts


interaction with different kinds of people facilitates the connection with the city


accurately locate activites relative to user's current location


transportation methods is also a major concern for users to go to destinations

Design Principles

ontime notification

on time notification

create schedule

create schedule

distance of between you and the picker

facilitate connections

time remaining

plan transportation

UX Flow


Key Features


personalize your topics

once the user has created an account, allow the user to select the topics that interest him/her, avoid overwhelming notifications and allow user to personalize leisure activity schedule

personalize your leisure time

allow the user to set their personal schedule first and block out time that the user is unavailable and add activities in his/her spare time


activity infomation

User could nevigate today's activity in today's timeline and edit it according to unexpected situations at any time. There are also simplified activity infomation on the timeline.

choose transporation method

allows user to select their transportation method in advance. User could also check online to see if someone else would like to go together with him/her.


other people going

allows the user to find other people who are going to the same destination

find companions

allow people who are close by the user and share same transporation method to go together. Set time and place range to meet


Final Design

choose available activities
find your companion
view companion's profile
confirm meeting time and location
browsing activities or locations and set up personal calendars
confirm personal calendars and meetups

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