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Redesigned and implemented a new web-based eLearning template.

Added engaging interactive gamification features.

Quick, modern and mobile-friendly.

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embeded gamification features

The new eLearning is another project I did in EFI, Inc.. It is an eLearning course template which is designed to be responsive and easy for instructors to edit and reproduce. I used a SaaS tool Evolve to host all the contents

With plenty user research, I accumulatedly understand the learner's mind-set, habits and emotions. The goal is trying to make the learning experience much more engaging, efficient and interesting. We added gamification features and assessment system to make the course more attractive and effective.

new eLearning
old eLearning

Design Task


Global Education Services, EFI

The old eLearning is a little bit time-consuming. It is not that engaing and I was distracted by the script. The power point look & feel also makes it old-fashioned. It looks like 90s' learning contents. We need to develop a new template that is attractive and modern.
The old videos are so long and I could not finish it. In order to finish the tutorial, I downloaded a chrome plug-in to accelerate the video speed. However, it is still not fun watching so many long videos to know how to use the product and I feel bored and did not learn much after.

Product User
Family Business Owner


Sales Rep
Edwards Business Systems

I used the old product tutorials as a marketing tool to show customer the new features of the products. I am not with my laptops everytime. The learning material appear not so idealy on my phone and even I played 5 minutes, it is still at the beginning. So the learning materials are not so high-efficient.

Design Principle

decrease video time

decrease video time

mobile friendly

mobile friendly

embed interactive features

embed interactive features

add gamification

add gamification

Final Product

Explosion Diagram of the new eLearning
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