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Designed and built a platform with 32,000+ internationally registered users.

Attracted 3,500+ new registered users since launched.

Increased the monthly active users to 9,000+.

Won company's MVP award.

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Learning@EFI is one of the major projects I did in EFI, Inc.. It is an international learning platform which now serves more than 31,000 users around the world. Customers include channel partners, software end users and company employees. We use a SaaS LMS learndot to host all our learning materials.

As leading designer of this project, my work involves user research, wireframe, UI, prototyping, HIFI design, implementing, content managing and platform maintaining. I'm also respnsible for making and maintaining the corresponding hardcopy catalog which is open to download.

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I would like to explore learning based on my own interest. I only want to know how to print colors accurately and all the others are irrelevant. Customer 1 photoMike Robinson

Area of Interest

Area of Interest

Area of Interest Example
I just want to attend the certification programs because I don't have much time. I want to have something to show as a proof. Customer 2 photoVeronica Carlson

Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions

Learning Solutions Example
It would be great that I could have a complete learning path which covers all materials that I should learn related to my positon. Customer 3 photoYusuke Kondo

Learning Paths

Learning Path

Learning Path Example
I only installed one product from Fiery. Therefore I would like to just have the knowledge about using that specific product. Customer 3 photoHeather Blakley



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Design Showcase
Certificate Redesign


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