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Costco Go is a mobile app that notifies users of on sale items when they are shopping at Costco.

The idea is to use the internet and gps to deliver brochure information to the customers efficiently. It is a huge waste that large quantities of brochures are printed out but people never read them because there is always a gap between the brochure and the real shopping experience. Costco Go is acting as the bridge role to connect the on sale items with the customers.

The Challenge

The Challenge

enhance shopping experiences with on-sale information

Costco customers have problems

  • finding the targets efficiently when walking around
  • remembering the on-sale information while distracted by various aisles
  • looking for on-sale items within in their target categories

The problems would be solved by creating an

gps-based app including both shopping and navigation.

The effects would be seen by

decreasing the time spent looking for target items. On-sale ads are more effective, resulting in a decreased need for a physical brochure.

Card Sorting

Card Sorting Big Picture
What people want to buy?
requires navigation
requires high efficiency & help for decision-making

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

Customer Workflow Summary

Customer Workflow Summary

Customers can go shopping directly anytime without any prior planning.

On-sale items will pop up according to their specific needs.

Customers with something in mind will be given the best route.

Nearby on-sale items will pop up when they start walking.

Search bar is always available for quick search.

Prototyping Summaries

Prototyping Summaries


Select your target and the on-sale/trendy/seasonal items will pop up.

quickly get notified about your target on-sale items

If you don't know what sepesificly you want to buy, you can also choose the general category.

or choose a general category

nearby on-sale items will pop up after you start walking around.

nearby on-sale items pop up based on your location

If you like some of the on-sale items nearby, you have the flexibility to add it to your targets. You route will change accordingly.

add on-sale items when walking around

You can review or delete some of the items in yout shopping cart by simply clicking the shopping cart icon.

review & edit your shopping cart

Final Design

Home Page - Browsing Big Categories
Level Down - Detailed Category
On sale items pop up when you are moving
Best Route found for the user

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